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Emma Curran | Design, Travel & Style in Essex, London & Beyond



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Hello, I'm Emma... graphic designer, content creator, and chaser of magic, with a passion for story telling and beautiful, thoughtful design.

I currently spend my time between London and the Essex countryside. When I’m not creating for businesses, I sometimes set off on adventures around the globe with my loved ones and share stories of my finds over on my blog.

Blogging, graphic design and me.

I'd always wanted to start my own business since I created a pretend Disney design HQ, drawing characters up in my bedroom at 8 years old.

Fast forward to my 30's, I felt it was time for a change. With a background in fashion and marketing, I plucked up the courage to finally quit my job that wasn't really going anywhere and set off to Australia to do some travelling. I also started my blog, originally titled: Wondering English Rose posting snaps and stories from my travels along the way, creating for the wanderers and the dreamers like me.

The change of scene and experiences away from home inspired me to finally follow my heart and pursue design as a full time career, so I signed up to study graphic design in London at Shillington College - a design school renowned in the industry, where I learnt so many valuable skills and I haven’t looked back since.

My days now consist of mood boarding and branding, website and blog designs, sometimes choosing paper for print projects. Occasionally I get out of the office to take some snaps too… but whether I’m working with agencies or consultancies, small businesses or bloggers, I love to help bring ideas to life with design.