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Wondering English Rose • A British Travel & Lifestyle Blog by Emma Curran



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❁ I always struggle with Father’s Day. Seeing all the beautiful snaps of everyone with their Dads, it makes me miss mine even more, but today turned out to be a good day. One for the archives, spent with loved ones at the beach eating fish and chips, and I even got to take Betsy for a spin on the sand. Something I didn’t think would happen in the UK but it did, and it was pretty cool! Thanks @i_love_lamp for convincing me it would be a good idea and @filmgeek1980 for another fab family get together. It’s these little moments that I’ll always cherish when I’m old and grey 👵🏻✨


I'm Emma... graphic designer, content creator, and chaser of magic, with a passion for story telling and beautiful, thoughtful design.

I currently spend my time between London and the Essex countryside, designing for businesses, movers and makers. When I’m not designing for other people I love to share stories of travel, style and creativity over on my blog. I wanted to have a little space on the internet dedicated to dreamers like me, in the hopes that it would spark some inspiration, and encourage creativity in our busy lives.

❁ Happy Monday petals, I hope you’ve all had a happy and productive one, whatever you’ve been up to? Me, I’ve been busy working away with some lovely clients over on my design biz (@emmacurrandesign, for anyone who wants to see what I get up to work wise) as well as making some changes to my website and blog, which I’m really excited for, but it’s not quite ready yet - eek) I’ve had my blog on and off, for about 5 years now and since diving in head first to the world of freelance design, I’ve felt like my little online space has needed a bit of a shuffle in order to combine all the things that inspire me, in the hopes that it will spark some creative magic in you too ✨ More coming over the next couple of weeks but I wanted to keep you updated with my plans as I hope to take you all along with me as I go 💛 #timetogrow #rebrand

How I got into graphic design

I'd always wanted to start my own business, and since I can remember have had a love of art and design, with a natural creative flair from a young age.   I've always been a bit of a techie geek too, keeping up to date with current design trends and software launches, and I love how social media has now grown into a huge community of makers and artisans, each with a unique story to tell.

As I approached my 30's, I felt it was time for a change. With a background in fashion and marketing, I plucked up the courage to finally quit my job that wasn't really going anywhere and set off to Australia to do some travelling. I also started my blog, originally titled: Wondering English Rose posting snaps and stories from my travels along the way.

The change of scene and experiences away from home inspired me to finally follow my heart and do something I’d been thinking about for years, which was to pursue a career as a graphic designer. I wanted to learn from the best, so I signed up to study design at Shillington College in London, a design school renowned in the industry where I learnt so many valuable skills.

I’ve since worked on some amazing projects with some truly inspirational businesses, and I love to see people succeed and achieve their dreams. I knew I wanted to help more businesses and creatives bring their ideas to life through design, so I started Emma Curran Design, offering a wide range of services, both in Essex and London, but also remotely too.

I always love to hear from creative people, so let’s have a chat if you fancy working together, I'd love to hear about your next project or idea.