Joanie Clothing: Everyday Brunch Club Margo T Shirt

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The Every Day Brunch Club Margot T Shirt from the lovely Joanie Clothing, has got to be the most 'Grammed T shirt of last year.  I was so excited when my gorgeous big sis got me one for Christmas just gone, and in pink none the less.  It was safe to say that it made the post Christmas slump that little bit easier to bare. I've been living in it to be honest, as it goes perfectly with blue jeans (I seem to live in these Topshop ones at the moment too) and it's oversized boyfriend fit means its really comfy too. (I'd go for a size down to your normal size, if you want it a bit more fitted).

I haven't got much more to say on the actual T shirt, this was more of a celebratory post as I'm super proud to finally be part of the Joanie Everyday Brunch Club.  I hope you'll be joining me soon too :) 


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Margot Every Day Brunch Club T Shirt

£18 (Image Joanie Clothing)