Cadbury’s Mini Egg Vanilla Cheesecake Recipe

Vanilla Cadbury Mini Egg Cheesecake Recipe for Easter

Over the weekend I posted a few snaps of my Easter adventures on my Instagram stories, and one of them was a family gathering on Easter Sunday where I shared the mini egg cheesecake that I made for our dessert.

A few people asked me to share how I made it, so I thought I’d pop it in a blog post that can be book marked for future use! Yes I know Easter is pretty much over now, but I thought I’d share it anyway as lots of us will have left over mini eggs, and if like me you have a massive sweet tooth, then you might want to make this, as a little mid week pick me up, as we’re all sad that the long weekend is over and its back to work and school for most of us.

Here's the recipe if you fancy having a go at making it and its a combination of a few I found over on Pinterest, with a few tweaks here and there made by me.



60g Melted unsalted butter

100g Crushed Digestive or Ginger Nut Biscuits

250g Mascarpone Cheese

1 + half tsp of Good quality vanilla extract

100g Caster sugar

175g Melted white chocolate

150lm Double cream whipped plus a little more for the topping

120g Crushed Cadbury’s Mini Eggs + 100g whole mini eggs for decoration

1 x 20cm Loose bottom cake tin, base lined



1. Line the base of your cake tin with buttered greaseproof paper or a reusable baking liner.

2. Crush up your biscuits for your base. (I put mine in a sandwich bag and crush using the end of a rolling pin). You can blitz them in a food processor to medium sized crumbs if you have one to hand, but I prefer to do mine the other way as this saves on the washing up! Transfer your crushed biscuits into a bowl.

3.  Melt your butter in a small saucepan (be careful not to burn, just put on a low heat and melt slowly), then pour into the biscuits, giving the mixture a good mix, to make sure the butter melts in.

4.  Once combined, put the biscuit mixture into your prepared tin and flatten with spoon, so that all the mixture is evenly pushed flat across the base of the tin. Pop this into the fridge while you make the filling.

5.  Melt your white chocolate (either in the microwave or using a traditional bain marie method - this is what I do) and once melted, set aside to cool.

6.  Crush your 120g Cadbury mini eggs (again I just crush these in a sandwich bag with a rolling pin, but you could also use a pestle and mortar), until they are fairly small bitesized pieces.

7. Next, in a large bowl, whip your 150ml double cream, until its nice and thick and forms soft peaks.

8.  Add the cool melted, white chocolate , caster sugar, mascarpone and vanilla extract to the cream, and mix until combined. You should end up with a thick, creamy consistency and then you can gently fold in your crushed up Cadbury Mini Eggs.

9.  Remove the cake tin with your base in from the fridge, and carefully pour on your filling, using the back of a spoon to push the mixture down. Make sure all the edges and top are smooth, giving you an even finish.

10.  Pop the cheesecake into the fridge to ideally set overnight.

11.  Once your cheesecake has chilled and set, carefully remove from the tin and pop on a plate or cakestand, ready for decorating.

12.  You can decorate however you like, but I whipped the remaining double cream and piped a layered circle in the centre. I then sat a little chick decoration on the top and using some grated Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, I sprinkled this around the outside. I then layered the remaining whole Mini Eggs around the chick for a nest effect in the centre.

13. The cheesecake is fairly sweet already so we just ate this as is, but you could serve with a little dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on the side.

14. And enjoy :)

Vanilla Cadbury Mini Egg Cheesecake Recipe for Easter